Sunday, 4 January 2015


Hi there all our lovely stitchers.

Happy New Year, we hope that you all had a truly wonderful family time together.

Ready for the New Season here is an image that clearly shows some important things to note.

Ties - no ribbon please as it often frays and shreds and is sharp and uncomfortable to wear, sad because they do look pretty - just remember that we have to cut ribbon shoulder ties off and make new fabric or soft bias binding ones to replace the ribbon! 

Backstitching and finishing seams

100% cotton fabrics please

Making yours the best dress ever that will last!  Please only use dyes that are specifically made for cotton fabrics.

Added to that
Please Remember:~

That girls need to be able to walk and run comfortably so no tight hems please!
That boys need shorts too!
That all trims have to be washed harshly like the dress, and that they do not have resources to repair them!
The older girls need dresses too!

Thank you all!


  1. Hello, I am just starting out on this project and have invested in some lovely new pillowcases. However, they are made of polycotton, easy wash material. Am I not able to use them? Thanks Paula

  2. Hello Paula, whew, Sorry for the delay in responding, problems with sign in this end, somehow the Blogger was wanting a new password!
    In response to your query, if you put your hand under one layer of fabric and you can see your ring or watch then the fabric will be too fine or thin. The best option then is to use another layer underneath so that it acts like a petticoat.
    What you would do is cut two the same and put one inside the other, then matching up the side seams stitch them together at the armholes so that they become one. I will get a video or photo tutorial on the blog this w/e if I can so that you can see what I mean.
    It is easier to do with the new style of dresses with a little bodice - the pattern link is on the blog under the title 'New Dress Pattern' posted on January 3rd. on that dress just cut out two of the skirts and join together one inside the other at the chest. The hems will be separate and the dress will have its own little petticoat.
    Polyester cotton tends to be finer and more see through and doesn't always withstand the rigours of the somewhat harsh washing regime - cold water, carbolic soap and stone troughs compared to washing with the luxury of our lovely washing machines and gentle powders we have!
    I hope that helps, do shout if you need more, and thank you for joining our project, without folks like you we would not be able to send out these lovely dresses.