Friday, 6 February 2015

MONUMENTAL - Our Thanks go to all our STITCHERS. Over 5,000 garments since September!

! WOW !

over 5,000 dresses and shorts since September
Now we need your help to find links to distribute these wonderful treasures!

Do you know that that makes a total of around 20,000 in the 3 1/2 years since Louise started this project!

We are now busy finding resources and especially people and places for delivery of all these wonderful dresses and shorts.

If anyone has a name or contact details that you can give us of someone who is going to visit charitable projects abroad who can take and distribute dresses and shorts, if you know anyone please do ask them to contact us direct   

In the past we have delivered to many many countries around the world including

Argentina, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Haiti, Malawi, Kenya, Goa, Ghana, India, Peru, Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Soudan, South Africa, Tanzania, The Congo, The Gambia, The Philippines, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and to International Charities to distribute worldwide.

Can we make a special plea that all dresses and shorts have at least one pocket as we have found that pockets are especially appreciated to put a little special treasure in.  Sometimes that might even be just a pretty pebble as these children do not have anything that they can call their own.  So a pocket becomes a special treasure place.  Thank you!

A second plea and tiny reminder is that we only send out new dresses and shorts made for us.  

We cannot send second hand, those that we receive that are second hand are, we know, sent with best intentions and love, however, we hope that you understand and accept that we then pass those on to another charity who do use second hand.  The Guardian recently reported that :~

"and 12 countries in Africa are among 31 globally that have now banned the import of second hand clothes."  As second hand clothing is swamping the markets and making local trade difficult.  

Our - and the International Dress a Girl movement - dresses and shorts are special ~ they are new and made to be given as a one and only 'best dress' and only given directly to individual children who are known in villages and orphanages and not to 'markets' or 'traders' nor to organisations where strict distribution rules are not applied.

Thank you all for being understanding.


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