Monday, 27 October 2014

Blue Ink Clouds and New Links!

Well on this Monday of blue black skies,
and warm winds that are blowing in clouds of ladybirds - welcome!


We really need some shorts for boys now, the best are made from Tee shirt material, thick rugby shirt type jersey (that’s the knitted fabric) is the best as it is easy to cut and sew.  Don’t use the very soft old tee shirts as they will be really difficult to sew and even more to cut out!! 

 These darlings in the photo are made from cotton pillowcase fabrics and are just so great but won’t grow with the boys.

Pattern and photos coming later, I am fighting with my printer to get PDF instructions ready, I need to print off one to double check that there are no flaws so please do bear with me.  I am having to re-install my printer – it has been out of action for 6 days now, just so awkward!


Lovely Sue has been working hard and given us another couple of links to some more great tips.
for reversible dresses without bias binding on the armholes - what a lovely way to use the finer light fabrics!  see the links to Sues' blog HERE

for the link to some lovely reversible dresses that have super reverse colour bands click HERE

Thank you Sue for the links!

Keep a look out tomorrow for 'Headband with a Flower' instructions for girls.

My goodness the sky is so blue black and the dog is hiding under my chair so I am off to make a cup of tea!

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