Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Quality and quantity

Hello again

We have been so very fortunate in receiving so many wonderful dresses this month.  over 500 so far - keep it up everyone and we should see our total in a year rise above the magic 5,000 that louise raised!

Some of this months dresses are off to the Philippines, we will post photos as soon as we get them.

In the meantime can we ask please for a review of quality.  

  • It would be great if you can when choosing fabrics, pillow cases and quilts etc just make a quick check that they are not see through.  
  • If you put your hand under one layer of fabric can you see your hand and rings or nail polish etc?  If you can then that fabric sadly is not suitable for dresses but can be used for hair bands, wristlets and little pocket dolls or teddies so all is not lost!
  • Remember too that fabrics should not have logos nor religious or political images so no 'ban the bomb' symbols please!
  • Also, when stitching remember that others don't have our luxury washing machines and the garments are washed frequently and often in river beds amongst the stones.  
  • Seam ends need to be backstitched - use that magic reverse button or lever on your machine to make it easy.
  • Bindings on the neck and armhole need to be stitched securely and all the raw edges caught in fully.
  • Elastics need to be secure at each end so that they don't pop out the first time the shorts or dresses are worn!!
  • For those warmer and more covered up dresses made from teeshirts - please remember no company logos and no religious or political slogans!!
  • It takes a lot of our time in correcting and repairing before we can send out so it will be brilliant if you can give your garment the once over before you send it to us!

Thank you all so very much and we are hungry for more!!

Do let us know if you are running a workshop and we will put it on Facebook etc, and if we can help in any way let us know!!

Jayne and Jacqui

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